See i smile broadly to the outworld, but deep inside my heart i cry everyday but i can’t explain why,why i cant lay in peace without feeling the pain choking my throat,or maybe is that I’m broke and what they say is my fault.

I’ve started feeling crazy,a little bit of lazy to express my feelings but the world is full of eye opening teachings ,see i feel like I’m in a pit and no one’s reaching out,or should i save myself and stop the blames coz the way the pain burns is hot like the eternal flames.


Everyday i got a dream but this time it’s different from the other dreams for example falling off a skyscrapper ūüėāūüėāand I’m there yelling but i have never reached down…

This time it’s about the future about having a good life atleast to make my mama proud but sometimes i also feel like I’m letting her down when i still don’t have any better efforts to show her that one day i’ll make her proud.

One thing is that yes i always feel like I’m losing the fight and letting failure win but one thing i learnt if you are a dreamer then you must dream on.I know you look at yourself in your daily life and you see no dreams coming true and it’s always normal not some paranormal events..

As a child i always told myself that i’ll become a doctor but in reality by the time i was growing up I’m now the patient and daily i grow so impatient wondering when will life become sweet,daily overthinking with no sense of belonging but should i quit on my dreams?That’s the question that runs on my mind everyday…

Dream on dreamer that’s my message to all out there with dreams,i may not be successful today but this message always makes me strong day to day even when i feel like giving up..
Fight for it.Life’s worth the fight.



hello guys…so today i got this topic seek help “motivational and inspirational. “There is a few things i can share with you guys in accordance of my understanding…

First:What is psychotherapy?The treatment of people diagnosed with mental and emotional disorders using dialogue and a variety of psychological techniques.According to my dictionary..

Second:What is motivation? It’s to provide someone with an¬†incentive¬†to do something; to¬†encourage,that is according to my english dictionaryūüėĀ.

Third:What is inspiration? It’s The act of an¬†elevating¬†or¬†stimulating¬†influence¬†upon the¬†intellect,¬†emotions or¬†creativity. In this sense, it is generally followed by the¬†adposition¬†to¬†or¬†for: also according to my dictionary..

So i will go direct to the point,i feel like many youths,elderly and the young people who maybe are undergoing difficult times or also people who are well,not all but some,according to my thoughts never tend to seek motivation and inspiration due to reasons that are visible and common.

One of the main and biggest reason is FEAR.Some people or let’s say a lot of people fear admitting that they are going through a lot of issues they cannot handle.Things like over thinking,depressions and some other issuus maybe things they went through or they are going through.They tend to think that admitting and seeking help displays ones weakness ..

One word,before you fear admitting,fear you losing control of your own life and the saddest part is that you will regret not dealing with your own issues before they grew to something big and maybe it will be too late.

what i wanted to put out is how to deal with with problems either mentally or physically before it takes control of you..

There is a lot of topics i will share with you my people and i’ll be grateful knowing that my words maybe will bring an impact to even a single person….


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