hello guys👋.i was thinking about all this discrimination stuff because of the skin tone and sometimes do wonder,why should someone feel more superior because of their skin tone? We all bleed the some colour,we all have the same body composition and a lot of things in common.

As per my opinion,if God wanted some people to be more superior maybe He could have made them with super powers or maybe be created differently from the “normal us.”So as per me i see no superior man who can discriminate anyone because of their skin tone or in any way that may affect the feelings of another person.

It’s so sad what happened to George Floyd😔 and i stand with the BLACK LIVES MATTER not because I’m black it’s because i think it’s the high time we should all be treated equally regardless of whether you are black or white,poor or rich,with or without disabilities I STAND STRONG FOR CHANGE ✊ AND CHANGE IS GOOD

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